Subject Re[2]: [firebird-support] RAS dialing on Windows 98
Author Roland Turcan
<<< 27.7.2004 20:38 - Milan Babuskov "milanb@..." >>>
MB> Roland Turcan wrote:
>> We have Windows 98 with analog modem on client. Server have static IP
>>, but if application want connect to FireBird 1.5 SQL
>> server via network Windows wants dial internet. If we setting to
>> "never dial..." problem is solved, but customer can so Explorer
>> detect if internet available, and if not then prompt to dialing.

MB> My guess is that you have a web application on server, since I have had
MB> similar problems. I solved it by installing Mozilla FireFox browser. The
MB> customer uses it for my web app, and IE for Internet.

Pavel Cisar write to me via ICQ:

Reorder network adapter bindings

You probably have a dialup adapter and an Ethernet adapter for your local network. On
Windows NT and Windows 98 you can reverse the bindings order of the two adapters to
force the Ethernet adapter to service the TCP/IP request before the dialup adapter tries.

Get to the control panel from the Start menu and choose
Networking | Bindings | All Adapters | Move Down
to move the Ethernet adapter to the top of the list of bindings. The local Ethernet adapter
satisfies any local TCP/IP requests and passes on any remaining requests—such as
Internet requests—to the next adapter in the list, the dialup adapter.

Thank you Pavel.

Best regards, TRoland