Subject Re: Large Firebird 1.5 database
Author gbehnke2000

our DB has a size of 13-16 GByte that is not a problem. Our problem
is what we have many connections 160-200 and so from time to time we
will reach the 2GByte Limit of address space which can be handled
from FB. If the 2GB Limit is reached FB crashes and will be restarted
immediately from the Guardian (Never did we lost any datas if the
crash happens !)
We're in discussion with Paul Reeves which means that there is a FB
Version available which can handle more then 2GByte RAM if the
corresponding Boot Switch from Windows is right adjusted.
Up to this problem FB is very stable and fast.

Best regards

P.S. Please i don't want to start a discussion why we don't use a
applicationsserver to keep the connections smaller. We use a
applicationsserver for our slow line connections but we don't want to
use it for our fast inhouse connections.

--- In, Fred Gordon <fred@m...>
> I am working on a project to convert several old informix standard
> engine databases over to a new platform. I converted a small
> and have been doing some testing and so far Firebird (super server)
> seems to be working wonderfully.
> Does anyone on this forum have any experience using Firebird in a
> production environment? I know that large is relative.... some of
> system that I need to convert have as many as 50 concurrent users
> several tables with 5 million+ records. The databases grow to 10
or so
> gigs. So when I say large I mean to large for ms access not
oracle :-)
> We will be using Tomcat and JDBC to access the database.
> Thanks,
> Fred.