Subject AW: [firebird-support] Large Firebird 1.5 database
Author Steffen Heil

> I am about to relase a program based on FIBPlus to our customers which is
supposed to have up to 60 concurrent connection per database, each server
having several databases (4-5), so I am also very intested in knowning
whether the 200 concurrent users you have, actually work on the same

Yes, but:

> ... maximum firebird load is at about 5 concurrent connections though.

Because the 200 users are connectied to tomcat ...

> Maximum tomcat load is at about 20 concurrent requests.

... and tomcat uses a connection pool. Furthermore:

> (We keep security and basic configuration information in
> memory and only access the database to propergate changes and to access
> seldomly used information.)

3-Tier-Applications have their advantages some times...

If your servers can handle that many connections depends mostly on the
activity percentage of you users. 200 mostly idle connections should not
BUT use super server. classic server would use too much memory for such many