Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: embedding firebird in a linux application
Author Todd Fisher
I'm wondering if it is possible to configure firebird to look in an
alternate directory
one that perhaps does not require root privileges. My desire would be to
direct firebird to look in the directory that the user installing my
application chooses.
I'd like to create an application that can be installed in the users
home directory if

Ideally, I could just ./configure --prefix=. to instruct firebird to
look in the current working directory. Then in my application I just
have to change the current working
directory and everything works great. However, configure does not
allow relative paths. This is ok, I'm just curious if perhaps someone
knows what file in firebird I might look into understand better where
firebird is using the prefix passed in via


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From: Fabrice Aeschbacher <fabrice.aeschbacher@...>
Date: Wed, 21 Jul 2004 07:35:24 -0000
Subject: [firebird-support] Re: embedding firebird in a linux application


> 2. The embedding application needs two files in ${prefix}/firebird
> isc_init1.hostname
> isc_lock1.hostname
> I know I can create these files using isql_static by running it as
> root. Are there any C functions that I can call in my application to
> create those files without having to run isql_static? And is it
> possible to via some environment variable change the ${prefix}
> at runtime?
> thanks,
> todd

I installed FB on a read/only FS, so I had the same problem (i.e.,
move the isc_* files somewhere else). I solved it by creating symbolic

# remount -o remount,rw /
# cd /opt/firebird
# ln -s -f /tmp/isc_init1.localhost isc_init1.$HOSTNAME
# ln -s -f /tmp/isc_lock1.localhost isc_lock1.$HOSTNAME

And if you are using SS:

# ln -s -f /tmp/isc_guard1.localhost isc_guard1.$HOSTNAME

# remount -o remount,ro /

Note, all db connection must be closed first, and fb_lock_mgr must be
killed (if you ar using CS)
Then, the first time you will connect to a DB, the isc_* files will be
created in /tmp.

This works great for me.

Best regards,

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