Subject memory usage
Author Fabrice Aeschbacher

(Using Firebird-SS 1.5.1 / Linux)

We use Firebird on am embedded platform running linux on compact flash
with very few memory (128MB).

. There is only 1 database (Page size=4096)
. There are allways 3 opened connections
. The default settings from firebird.conf are used

For now, fbserver is using (according to 'top') about 10% of the whole

. Should some settings be changed in firebird.conf for this special
use of firebird?
. Particularly, is it recommanded to reduce DefaultDbCachePages to 1024 ?
. To which value should be set 'SortMemUpperLimit' (currently 64MB,
which seems too high for a system with so few memory)
. What happens if fb runs out of memory because of to lower values in

best regards,

Fabrice Aeschbacher