Subject Re: [firebird-support] Error code 997 raised in control service
Author Ing. Jaroslav Popluhár
Hi nagypapi,

n> And after this I wanted to shut down the fb service to see if db
n> file's modification date changes (file properties still represents
n> older modification date, but I hope that's some win issue)
n> SO i ran the control service app from the firebird startmenu
n> And clicking on stop button causes a new window with the $subject
n> error message + overlapping I/O function message(in hungarian) to appear.
n> Nevertheless the service got stopped, and new data remained in
n> database after restarting service and checking, but still:
n> what is this?

I have still the same problem - error message,
when I try to start FB 1.5 server. (WinXPP, CZ)

Server doesn't start.

This is reason, why I must use FB 1.03,
where this problem doesn't appear.

Did You find some solution for this problem already?

Today I going to search something on the I-net.

Until now I have found one article "Multithreading for Rookies" at