Subject Firebird memory requirements per user #2
Author russellbelding
I need to restart my question.

A potential client for my Firebird application has asked me "how much
memory does my server need for each connection?" We both know this
not a perfect question and answers depend on what the client
application attempts to do. But it is a reasonable question. They may
need to install more memory on their server.

The potential client will put FB on a Win 2000 server. I am running a
FB server on a Win2K workstation. My estimates of the memory the
fbserver process is using come only from the Windows task manager and
its measures in columns "memUsage", "VM size" and "Peak mem usage"
(applied to process fbserver) seem to me to be unreliable. I explain
this ... Only "Mem Usage" changes as connections are made to the
database and removed. As connections are made and removed from the
database from other PCs "Mem Usage" changes in ways which puzzle me.
Just opening my application from two machines, and leaving the
application doing nothing else) causes Mem Usage (of fbserver) to go
from 5000K to 7500K (first connection) to 12000K (at the second
connection) So I do not whether fbserver uses 2500K or 4500K per
minimal connection from my application. I do not know if Task manager
is a reliable measure of memory use. I do not know what memory FB
1.5.1 consumes for a minimal connection from my application.

So I am wondering if there are any published studies on this sort of
question. My simple minded model assumes making a basic connection (I
use IBO) from my application to fbserver will cause fbserver to
consume N Kb of memory. I am looking for indicative studies or a
strategy to measure N. Perhaps there is a better memory measurement
tool? Or someone might wish to explain to me my quest makes no sense!

I have searched the web several ways and not found any papers helpful
to answer my qeustion.

Any insight from this group?