Subject Weird performance problem
Author tdtappe
Hi folks,

today I noticed some strange "performance behaviour".

I ran a SELECT command like


on a database running in CS mode (FB 1.0.3) on a Linux box. The
client was W2K.
It was rather slow. 500ms execution time.

Running the same command from a different client on the same server
and database returned after 20ms.

This is reproducable.

Running the same command on the same database (backup/restore) on a
different Linux box returned after 20ms.

Now it starts to get funny:

Running "almost" the same command on the original server and database
gave me 20ms!?

What did I change?
The original command contained 43 columns. I just added another ID
column at the end of the column list.
That's all.

The same thing happens when I reduce the number columns to
42 (the answer to everything ;-)
or less.

BTW, the overall number of columns of the table is 43!

And so it's probably no surprise that "SELECT * FROM SomeTable" is
also slow.

Very strange.
Any idea?