Subject RE: [firebird-support] w2k professional or w2k server ?
Author Epstein, Ed
>> One of my client require a small client/server
>>set-up for his business(4 client and a P4 server
>>with 512MB RAM). The database is going to be
>>Firebird and he wants it on W2K. I don't have
>>much experience with Firebird on W2K. All my
>>installations are based on Linux.
>> In this case, should I recommend W2k Server or
>>W2k Professional? Which one is best suited for
>> TIA
>>Sudheer Palaprambil.

I am currently using Win2k right now. I myself cannot really see a
difference between the workstation or server version of win2k. The one
observation I do have is that if the clients do not need to be on a win2k
domain, or really do not even need the features of a server, workstation
would be best and cheaper. A server is more expensive and will require
licenses for the 4 seats. The workstation will work just fine for firebird
and you don't have to worry about licenses for the 4 clients. Just my
thoughts, hope it helps.

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