Subject Problems with IBPhoenix ODBC Driver
Author lysander4445
I didn't find any place for questions regarding IB Phoenix ODBC Driver
for Firebird.

I have an instability which I would like to report.
This concerns only using Stored Procs in Firebird over Borland
DataBase Engine (BDE). It only concerns Stored Procs with parameters,
and leads to constant crashes, which can be reproduced always at the
same places.
Using the driver of Easysoft instead does not give any problem, so it
must be driver-related.

Problem: In our project to switch all our databases to Firebird,
cost-factor is vital. Easysoft site license costs about 600 Euro, with
annual maintenance fee, while IB Phoenix driver is free.

Can someone guide me to the right place to post this problem, and -
maybe - get a chance of fixing it [biiiiiig hope :-)].