Subject RE: [firebird-support] Export FB to Csv (HANDY SCRIPT)
Author Alan McDonald
> > My client wants all fields in all user tables exported to CSV
> > files. Can anyone point me to the best way to accomplish this from
> > within my application? If I have to write my own, can you tell me
> > if the RDB$SYSTEM_FLAG field of the RDB$RELATIONS table being set to
> > 0 indicates a user table? If not, how do I detinquish user tables
> > from system tables? I'd like to write a generic process so changes
> > in the database don't screw up the export.
> Here's a little script to do a CSV dump of all data, with configurable
> quoting, date formats, and delimiter support.
> It's in PHP, but it'll give you ideas if you need to do it in another
> language.
> Nige.

thanks Nigel - PHP is just what I need :)