Subject Re: Firebird newbie Security.
Author jaybirdbsu
--- In, Svein Erling Tysvær
<svein.erling.tysvaer@k...> wrote:
> >I only want people who know the username and password I setup to
> >able to gain access, or for them to have access thru my
> >where I have my username and password specified. Any and all
> >appreciated.
> There are only two ways to protect yourself, I think. Either you
> to control the environment where your database resides (i.e. only
> the data on your harddisk without giving others direct access) or
> have to encrypt your data (which means that the only way to get to
> data would be through your program that knows how to decrypt them).
> --- Phil Shrimpton answered:
> > If I give you the Root / Administrator usernames and passwords
to my
> > Linux / Windows servers you have full access to my entire
> > as well.
> And I thought it took six months for the security check just to
> you enter the building and that your work was too secret to even
> mention. I never knew that knowing a few passwords would let you
> that security...
> Set

Thanks for the info everyone. I was reading some of the other posts
and I am unable to use a webservice idea because many of the
customers that use the product do not have internet access. So the
database has to be distributed. I will be looking into encrypting
the data. Any need ideas to do that in a slick way? I would be
open to them. Thanks again for all the posts.