Subject Firebird newbie Security.
Author jaybirdbsu
I am working with the embedded version of Firebird and I would like
to password protect my database. I set a username and password when
I created the database (using the .net data provider). It all
worked great, I had to have the correct username and password in the
connect string to gain access to the database. The problem comes in
when I think about distributing the database. I copied the database
to another PC with a regular install of Firebird 1.5 and all I had
to do was to specify the SYSDBA and masterkey for username and
password and I had full access to the entire database. How can I
stop this from happening. I only want people who know the username
and password I setup to be able to gain access, or for them to have
access thru my application where I have my username and password
specified. Any and all ideas appreciated.