Subject Re: carriage return, line feed
Author peter_jacobi.rm
Hi Dorin,

"Dorin Pacurar" <dopa@z...> wrote:
> In my app's (C++ and Delphi) all works fine (0x0d in C++ and #13#10 in
> Delphi).
> But I wanted to pass the control from the client side to server
side. So I
> decided that a trigger (AFTER UPDATE) will do the job right well.
And it
> did. But not so well (till now).

I understand. It all depends which tools you use to
put the trigger into database. ISQL has no builtin escaping
(but you can use a character set trick), I now use for more
complicated metadata updates Python, which besides of all
sort of control structures, provides me with 'standard'
character escaping by '\x'.

Newer SQL standards have a builtin (and Unicode aware) character
escaping, and I hope Firebird will pick up this at some time.

> I didn't know that in ib_udf is the ASCII_CODE function. But the
> is solved now.

I agree, that the ASCII_CODE UDF works well for your case.