Subject RE: [firebird-support] Foreign keys
Author Alan McDonald
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> >> Btw, there's one use case you seem to be forgetting. What about a real
> >> production database where other web applications are already running
> >> from it? Some ISP only allow one database instance, or a limited
> >> amount
> >> of them. So you suggest that to install a new application, one should
> >> shut down all the others, create the new structure manually and them
> >> put everything up again. Surely you can't be serious about this in a
> >> production environment?
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> >> On 17 Jul 2004, at 09:50, Alan McDonald wrote:
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> > we're talking about database granularity NOT server granularity
> > Alan
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I think Lester has said it - if you're talking "serious", "real" web
applications, god only knows why you don't have your own server and not rely
on what seems to be a rather pathetic offering from this ISP (one
database?). Servers are very cheap these days - sub $5000pa to own and
provide all the bandwidth you'd ever need.
That said, a new application will require new tables and these will likely
require internal consistency (constraints) within this new batch of tables.
Are you saying this new application will require use of the other
application's tables but with additional constraints? (which may likely
demand that the other application(s) receive a total overhaul to accommodate