Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: Embeded Server
Author Myles Wakeham
The Embedded server is a version of Firebird 1.5 for Windows that runs
simply as a DLL on a single user box. You get all the functionality (from a
SQL perspective) of Firebird running on a server, but it doesn't require a
server. Its designed to allow deployment of single user applications that
can save their data locally (just like embedded MSDE), without requiring
that you install a complete server on that box.

Its an ideal way to give someone a trial version of a system that they can
check out on a single user PC, before they commit to installing the full
client/server framework of your application. Or if you are a developer on a
remote laptop and want to keep working with your database on that computer

Its not designed for multi-user use, although I have heard from some that it
can be done for limited multi-user functionality. I do understand that it
doesn't include any of the security features that you would get in a full
client/server framework, so don't try users & permissions like you would
normally do on a larger network.

Hope this helps.


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> I have found a pdf for the release notes for 1.5 and all I can find
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