Subject Re: Firebird newbie Security.
Author Svein Erling Tysvær
>I only want people who know the username and password I setup to be
>able to gain access, or for them to have access thru my application
>where I have my username and password specified. Any and all ideas

There are only two ways to protect yourself, I think. Either you have
to control the environment where your database resides (i.e. only have
the data on your harddisk without giving others direct access) or you
have to encrypt your data (which means that the only way to get to the
data would be through your program that knows how to decrypt them).

--- Phil Shrimpton answered:
> If I give you the Root / Administrator usernames and passwords to my
> Linux / Windows servers you have full access to my entire machines
> as well.

And I thought it took six months for the security check just to let
you enter the building and that your work was too secret to even
mention. I never knew that knowing a few passwords would let you skip
that security...