Subject Re: [firebird-support] Corrupted database
Author Rafael Szuminski
>No. The best that you can do is to create a new database and pump
>as much data from the old one as possible. This error means that some
>pages (usually at the end of DB file) disappeared for some reasons
>such as power failure, system crash or "too smart" FS.

Currently I can't even connect to the db through IBExpert or IBConsole.
I get this error during the attemt to connect.

How this happened you ask? A moron dba decided to use his unpatched
win98 machine as the database server (against all my objectsions). Very
likely due to a virus infection of some sort, this win98 system was in
an endless boot-crash cycle
for more then a day until I was able to extract the corrupted database.

Oh well, their loss. I just wanted learn how to troubleshoot db
corruption while I have a nice sample to play with.

Thanks for the help


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