Subject RE: [firebird-support] FIRST SKIP syntax
Author Peter J. Gore
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From: Louis Werth [mailto:louis@...]
Sent: 14 July 2004 16:35
Subject: RE: [firebird-support] FIRST SKIP syntax

This Should do it

Select first 10 (select count(*) from myTable) as TOTALROWCOUNT, field1,
From myTable
Where field3 = 'ZZZ'

Peter Gore

Milan, thanks for your response!

Milan Babuskov Wrote :
And where would you like to have that total number of rows? As another
column which always has the same value?

Yes, as a new column. a Nice example would be:

Select first 10, TOTALROWCOUNT, field1, filed2
From myTable
Where field3 = 'ZZZ'

Where TOTALROWCOUNT would be the record count of the result set ignoring
"FIRST" Statement.

I am trying to achieve the same as a Google web search. Display page 1
10. Where each page would have 10 records on it. (Speed and Less Network

Don't you think by implementing your suggestion would slow down the
preparing and executing of such a qry's.

Does anyone know if this functionality will be added in the future, or
correct me if I am asking for the unnecessary.

Louis Werth

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