Subject freelibudfc problems - udf on Linux
Author alan davies
Hi all
I have downloaded version -0.8.tar.gz from the IBPhoenix site of Greg
Deatz's fine UDFs and have a problem. I have used the win32 version for
some time but now have to set up some Linux systems using Suse 8.2 and Suse
9.1. Database access is fine on both versions, so I guess that the setup on
the machines is ok.
The library appears to compile ok but there seems to be an error with the
MALLOC function.

System has 512 MB ram, Firebird 1.5 located in /opt/firebird. I set ibase
to 60 and changed the directory to /opt/firebird

Local access error - i.e. using isql at the Linux command line:
When I try to use any udf I get
error while loading shared libraries
undefined symbol: ib_util_malloc
I get dumped from the CON (connect) prompt back to a command line

Remote access error -i.e. from a workstation running W2K:
Error reading data from the connection - OK button
When I retry I get
Unable to complete network request to host '''hostname",
error writing data to the connection,
an existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host.
This says that the database has been dumped as per local isql attach.
Any help would be gratefully received.


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