Subject Re: [firebird-support] Running in SQL script files
Author Paul Reeves
On Tuesday 13 July 2004 18:54, Myles Wakeham wrote:
> 1. Is there a decent Windows based tool that can take a file with about
> 1,500 lines of SQL DDL and run it into Firebird? Any recommendations?

ISQL perhaps? I've never noticed any problems with script size when
running ISQL under Win32. In contrast, I don't recall I have done
anything serious with ISQL and scripts under Linux, so I can't say if
there is a problem with large scripts on that platform. Then again, 20
lines seems rather small.

> 2. I tried the following:
> Isql < /home/user/sql_metadata.txt
> which didn't work. Is there a better way?

Checking the docs is always a good start. ISQL needs the -i[nput] switch.
Although the help switch could make this a little clearer.

> 3. Is there an overall tool that people can recommend that can
> successfully backup a database FROM a remote client, rather than doing
> this from the server?

gbak with the service_mgr switch?

I think you need to download the IB6 beta docs off our web-site. I think
it is the Getting Started one that covers all the command-line tools.

Paul Reeves
Supporting users of Firebird and InterBase