Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: Re: SYSDBA password
Author Alan McDonald
> Hi all,
> I was wondering if there is a way to create a separate user
> account into the Firebird database using API, i.e. through code.
> I guess it would be possible to do it using the gsec as a
> command-line utility, but is there a cleaner way?

yes - there's an API call to do this - check the API Guide for Interbase6
which is found at
There are easier ways also - e.g. IBO offers a way using their components
and there are also controbuted components for it which are more
sophisticated. There are other ways using other component sets.
It all depends on which components/method you are using to connect to the

> Can I remove/disable the SYSDBA account and create a new
> administrator account, or maybe rename SYSDBA to something else,
> so as to hide the real username and password my application will
> use to connect to the Firebird database, and also to restrict
> access to the database?

I wouldn;t remove it - you can change it and you are advised to change the
password after install as a basic requirement to your security.

> Anand Kashelkar
> India

Not sure which "real" username you want ot use - but normally it's not
advised to use SYSDBA to do it. Create the DB with another user and create
yet other users to use with your app unless you want to manage your own app
users separately or provide your users with an interface to manage users via
the security database itself.
There are many ways to do it.