Subject Re: Using WIN1254 Firebird database with ColdFusion MX
Author peter_jacobi.rm
Hi Esref,

Esref Atak wrote:
> If you would like to assist me i have a problem; I get some error
> messages related with conversion of character sets while I execute my
> processes on a Firebird database with Turkish character set (WIN1254)
> with ColdFusion MX. My processes do not commit.

I have some problems helping you:

- I cannot access the linked stuff, perhaps zipping
would help and trying to get the error messages as text

- I don't know Cold Fusion MX

On the other hand, most charset/collation problems
have a common cause.

For a quick test I suggest, just switching to the FB1.5.1 release
candidate at:

Does everything magically starts working?

Yes => Congrats!

No => Find a way to set the connection character set in
your software.

> I am using ColdFusion MX with WinXP operating system. All the
> language configuration of my operating system is Turkish (WIN1254). I
> have a Firebird 1.5 database with the character set WIN1254.

As Firebird never will look at your system's setting to set
the connection charset.

If that still doesn't work, I strongly encourage you, to
do tests in a simplfied setup, running all SQL scripts mimicking
the real use with ISQL or some of the 3rd party tools.

Peter Jacobi