Subject exclusive access.
Author newtonlistas

I'm using interbase and php for a site, and some times i need update
or modify something in the site, but i want ensure exclusive acces to
my DB

Is possible that?

i mean, if i have 3 or 4 DB in service, but i just want ensure that
one of them be shutdown, how must make?

In some pages say..., copy the database with a simple copy from OS

but what if in that moment are accessing to the DB trhought the www?

I cant shut the apache, because have more domain hosted there.

i try using something like:

gfix -shut -user sysdba -password masterkey /db/database.fdb

but i get errors...

/opt/firebird/bin/gfix -shut -user sysdba -password umFcRG0a
must specify type of shutdown

i guess that the answer is gfix, but don't know wich switches use,
now..., is possible ensure that only me have access, or almost
shutdown just that database, and later rename it for work in it.

thank's in advance