Subject Re: [firebird-support] fbclient.dll - synchronous or asynchronous?
Author Ann W. Harrison
At 12:54 PM 7/9/2004, Myles Wakeham wrote:

>After thinking this through a bit more, it does make sense to have one
>persistent connection per workstation that all processes/threads share, and
>even if the data is moved synchronously through the connection, the fact is
>that a user pretty much does one thing at one time. They might be in an
>illusion that they can have a ton of Windows opening, but in a normal day,
>the frontmost window is the only one that is actively working with the

As long as you don't have two threads with active requests at the same
time, you should be ok. Two threads can have select statements running,
but they can both fetch at the same time.

>That said, it doesn't make much sense to bog down the Firebird server with
>more connections than it needs to manage on the chance that one of the other
>processes 'might' be doing something with the database in the background.

Connections aren't all that expensive and would save you a lot
of synchronization.

and for Jonathan Neve.,

One connection can have multiple transaction, but one transaction can not
have multiple connections. Definitely a 1 to n relationship.