Subject Issues with Executable on Samba Server and Firebird
Author Daniel Albuschat

This might not be a Firebird issue... but I'm not sure, so I'll
post it here anyways. :)
I experienced some strange performance issue when
an Executable (.exe, on Windows) opened from a remote samba share
tries to connect to any remote Database (the actual host doesn't matter,
it can be on the same machine the samba server runs on (linux), another
machine in the network with a firebird server (windows), etc.).
Local connections are as fast as always (where `always' means: As fast
as if the .exe was located on the local box).
The first time it opens a remote database takes like 5-6 seconds.
There are no further performance hits in any way. Just opening
the DB takes ages.

This happens with our own application as well as the IBOConsole, for

For further clearification, here's the scenario:

Box A runs a samba Server. There's an IBOConsole.exe in the share.

Box B runs the IBOConsole.exe located on Box A from the samba share.

IBOConsole.exe tries to connect to a *remote* database.
The first connection is very slow. Disconnecting and reconnecting
is fast again. Transactions are fast, too.

My assumption is that the Application tries to find the FB DLL on the
first Firebird-API call on the samba share (where the .exe is located),
then falls back to system directories (where it actually is located at).

Any thoughts?

Daniel Albuschat

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