Subject Re: [firebird-support] Can firebird be used on a windows peer to peer network?
Author Martijn Tonies
Hi Pete,

> Sorry to ask what is probably another stupid question but I have been
> trying to find/work out the answer for several days now...
> In the process of converting my paradox based app, I have used the
> firebird- to install firebird to the c: drive of
> several machines and then run my test app with no problems.
> I now need to work out how it will be installed to a LAN and as a
> first step was trying to install it to my peer to peer network (win98
> and winxp).
> I have tried installing firebird to c drive and installing my app and
> database to \\study-2\SharedDocs\FireBirdTestDir but I get an IO
> error. During the installation, an ini is created that stores the
> application dir, in this case '\\study-2\SharedDocs\FireBirdTestDir'.
> This is then used as the databaseName for my IB_ connection. I also
> tried installing firebird to \\study-2\SharedDocs\FireBirdTestDir.

You cannot connect to a share/file on a share, you need to connect like:

Where "c:\myapp\etc..." is the LOCAL path on the "server"
machine. If you're not running the service, you're out of
luck -- it won't work with the database on a network location,
and for good reasons.

> I also read on that i need a copy of
> gds32.dll in the app dir, but that didnt seem to help.
> I have read in the quick start-up guide that 'shares do not work' is
> this the problem?

Well, yeah - that could be the problem, couldn't it :-)

With regards,

Martijn Tonies
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