Subject RE: [firebird-support] short transactions
Author Alan McDonald
> Hi,
> everybody here say, keep your transactions as short as possible and
> don't leave them opened.
> But in the API documentation of IB6 on page 75, I found a hint, which
> says, it is better to start a transaction for every user and use
> isc_commit_retaining(), than closing and starting a new transaction with
> isc_commit_transaction().
> thx,
> Stefan

Is this a question? Are you asking if this is true?
If so then the use of "better" would most certainly pertain to a particular
Otherwise it would not be regarded as "better".
Your design may require you do this. It must, however, use a hard commit
sooner or later and the use of hard commit sooner and more frequently than
not is also better. If this contradicts page 75 - then sorry, it's wrong.