Subject RE: [firebird-support] multiple transactions
Author Alan McDonald
> > Hi,
> >
> >>is it better to have one connection with multiple transactions or
> >>multiple connections with one transaction per connection ?
> >>I am writing a multi-threaded server application, which will
> have 4 to ?
> >>connections or transactions. How many transactions per connection are
> >>possible ?
> >

to answer this question - I don't know - I've never reached the limit if
there is one. My transactions are fairly short or at least I try to make my
designs in such a way. If you are creating a server application, I would
hazard to guess that you intend your transactions to be short too... In such
a case, I would think that you will never reach this limit as well (if there
is one). So go ahead and create as many transactions as you like on each
connection, but make each thread use it's own connection.

> >
> > Firebird doesn't support multiple threads _concurrently_ using
> > the same connection.
> If you can't use multiple threads with multiple transactions, than the
> feature of multiple transactions seems useless to me.
> So you say, multiple transactions can only be used within one thread,
> which accesses different tables in different transactions using the same
> connection?
> thx,
> Stefan