Subject Re: [firebird-support] Incremental key
Author Bjoern Reimer

TGdO> I'm trying to improve my sistems, and I've seen that incremental key fields
TGdO> is one of my dificults..

TGdO> 1 - I need to show the number when the user click in "insert". ( 344)
TGdO> 2 - The user can change this number
TGdO> 3 - A second user will insert the next record before the first save. (345)
TGdO> 4 - If the first user cancel the record, the next record need to be the same
TGdO> number of the first insert. (344)

Well, sounds somewhat strange.
I think you would like to avoid dupliacte numbers.
But Ok:

First: Don't use this number as primary key of your table.
To access your data rows use a semantic insignificant primary key.

I'd suggest:
* Use a SELECT MAX (Number)+1 FROM TABLE to get the number
* end your transaction
* Use an before insert trigger to check if someone else has selected
this number and do another select max if so and commit your
* use a stored proc to let the user change this number and return an
error or the next free number, if someone else has inserted the
number meanwhile and commit your transaction


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