Subject Broken pipe error (Kylix 3 + FB 1.5)
Author Asko Juvonen

I updated IB6.0 into Firebird 1.5 and my Kylix 3 client began to crash.
Both client and server are running on Suse9.1 (Mandrake 8.1 has been
tested too)

As simplest it goes as follows:

- create a table with a few numeric(n,m) or float fields

- make Kylix-application with ClientDataset connected to the test table
using TSQLConnection, TSQLQuery, TDatasetProvider, TClientdataset,
TDatasource and TDBGrid

- run application, insert some value in numerid fields

- after ApplyUpdates program crashes, giving error message
'Unable to complete network request etc... Broken pipe'

It definitely has something to do with the numeric fields: updating
tables with no floats/numerics work ok.

I use dbExpress with default settings ( and, can this cause the problem? If so, what .so's
should I use? Same application under Delphi7 works.