Subject Re: [firebird-support] multiple transactions
Author David Johnson
Which is "better" depends on the nature of the problem. Overall, both
are better.

Over time, you can run as many transactions per connection as you want.
With most DBMS's, you can only run one concurrent transaction per
connection. IB7 supports concurrency on a single connection, but I am
not aware of anyone actually using that capability.

Establishing a connection takes time and resources, but once it is
established it may be held indefinitely.

In the Java world, we tend to use connection pools. You establish a
pool of (n) connections. Your program requisitions the connections as
needed, then returns them to the pool of available connections as
quickly as possible. Applications with quite large and active user
bases (thousand plus) can function easily on just a few connections.

On Sat, 2004-07-03 at 09:08, Faultier wrote: Hi,

is it better to have one connection with multiple transactions or
multiple connections with one transaction per connection ?
I am writing a multi-threaded server application, which will have 4 to ?
connections or transactions. How many transactions per connection are
possible ?


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