Subject Re: character sets problems and i18n
Author peter_jacobi.rm
Hi Daniel,

Daniel Albuschat <daniel@v...> wrote:
> I have a question to the ''NONE" character set: Is there any difference
> in specifying no character set and specifying 'NONE' explicitly?
> It seems to work if I declare the temporary text field as `character
> NONE', but doesn't without. Perhaps the databases default character
set or
> the connection's character set is used then?

No column character set will give you the database default
character set. So, if your database default character set is
not NONE, yes, then there's a difference.

> Isn't there some in-depth documentation about firebird character sets?
> It seems a rather complicated topic, though...

The best documentation I can think of, is the archive of
firebird-support. Of course, the YahooGroups Search interface
will drive you crazy, before you have all pieces found...

Peter Jacobi