Subject Problem with text blobs, and "group by" statement.
Author Maya McLeod

I have just added a new field to a table (Of type BLOB, TEXT, Size = 80, charset = NONE)(Firebird 1.5)

I am just updating a stored procedure to include the new field, which needs to be in the "group by" section as well.

As soon as some data gets entered into the BLOB field, I get the following error when calling the stored procedure:
'overflow occured during data type conversion.
Conversion error from string "BLOB"'

Below is a shortened eg. Of the SQL in the stored procedure:

from Orders O
group by O.TextBlobField

I can do an "order by" using this BLOB, so I'd expect the "group by" to work as well.

Am I missing something here?

I'm considering changing over to a huge varchar - or is that not a good idea. From searching the other posts on blobs, it seems that I am not really gaining anything by using a blob anyway? The reason why I chose a blob, is that this field could contain a string with a length of anywhere between 3 and 2000 chars.