Subject Re: FB 1.5 backup "interesting" error
Author fowlertrainer
--- In, "Alexey Kovjazin"
<kovjazinan@m...> wrote:
> Hello!
> > a bug appear (I try with non transportable, and other swithces, but is
> > nothing happened).
> >
> > gbak: writing data for table TEL_CALL
> > gbak: ERROR: message length error (encountered 240, expected 232)
> > gbak: ERROR: gds_$receive failed
> > gbak: Exiting before completion due to errors
> Your database is corrupted - some record has lenght different from
> Usually fixing such error requires some special repairing actions to
> it on physical level (i.e., gfix or gbak will not help).
> Feel free to contact me about terms and conditions of repairing via
> ak@i...

Thanx for the help. I write a Delphi program that copy the table datas
to the new empty db, and it is working good.