Subject Uninstalling Firebird
Author Tanz Anthrox
I want to uninstall Firebird services So,
I run the Uninstal.bat file which comes with 1.5 Setup.

It runs the following
instsvc stop
instsvc remove -z
instreg remove -z

After that 2 services are deleted from Computer Management> Services Tab
that names are
fbguardian - Default Instance
fbserver - Default Instance

But there is already 2 servers and properties are
fbGuardian - d:\tanz\firebird\bin\fbguard -s
fbServer -d:\tanz\firebird\bin\fbserver -s

I could not erase them.

I tried

Instsvc.exe r

D:\tanz\Firebird\bin>instreg r
Error occurred during "RegOpenKeyEx"
The system cannot find the file specified.

Firebird has not been deleted from the registry.

Also I know that service applications can not be deleted from registry by manual at least with the REGEDIT.

Any suggestions

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