Subject RE: [firebird-support] FB1.5 - Installation Drives
Author Bill Zwirs

Still have a connection problem. Have shown your last responses to the
network administrator who now understands the difference between local and
remote access to database and that mapped drives are out.

Have set up application from client machine to connect to database using TCP
connection of 'pa-hq-svr-rdc:D:\Pulbrook Air\Sales Ace\Ace.fdb'. This
brings up the following error message:

"Unable to complete network request to host 'pa-hq-svr-rdc' failed to
establish a connection. No connection could be made because the target
machine actively refused it"

The database administrator states that the folder D:\Pulbrook Air\Sales
Ace\Ace.fdb is shared from the network server to the workstations and the
workstations map this share to S:\. Since the application now points to the
database through the actual drive and not the mapped drive is it still a
problem by the mere fact that the mapped drive is still there.

Any help would be appreciated


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