Subject Re: TCP/IP Necessary?
Author joeacunzo
> >And what do you mean "multiple connections can be dicey"? Is it
> >*not* safe to run multiple apps that connect to the server, all on
> >the same machine at the same time?
> Correct: if you are using local connect. If you are using local
> you can have as many connections as you like.
> "Local connect" and "Local loopback" are two different protocols.

Okay, I think I've got it, thanks.

But please confirm one thing for me. The default value for
CreateInternalWindow (from firebird.conf) is "1", meaning use "local
connect". Therefore, should I set this value to "0" so that neither
one of my local clients uses "local connect", that is, they will then
both use "local loopback"? And I assume it's the client side looking
at this value to determine which form of IPC to use. Is that correct?

Joe A.