Subject Re: TCP/IP Necessary?
Author joeacunzo
> TCP/IP local loopback is what you need. Make sure you have this
entry in
> your HOSTS file:
> localhost
> Then use a TCP/IP-style connection for both of your applications:
> localhost:d:\path\to\data\YourDb.fdb
> You don't need a NIC on the system to use local loopback.

Yes, I'm using "localhost:..." on the connect string and that works
fine. So are you saying I *do* need the TCP/IP network stack
installed on any on PC using my app? (I realize there's no need for
a NIC.)

> It uses an internal engine called IPServer, for a single local
> connection. The client and the server share the same piece of
> inter-process communication (IPC) memory to emulate a network
> connection. Multiple connections can be dicey.
> IPServer is a kludge and it's being replaced in the Fb 2

Wait, I *don't" need TCP/IP because it "emulates a network
connection"? Now I'm confused.

And what do you mean "multiple connections can be dicey"? Is it
*not* safe to run multiple apps that connect to the server, all on
the same machine at the same time? Please clarify. Thanks!