Subject Re: Re[2]: [firebird-support] power outages
Author Martijn Tonies
> Wednesday, March 31, 2004, 2:10:39 PM, you wrote:
> CA> ..... but I am more concerned about the automated recovery process
after a possible database
> CA> corruption, especially because the instrument could be powered on /
off several times a day without a proper software shutdown.
> I am sure I read somewhere ( cann't find the link at present). That an
> older version of Interbase was selected by the USA army for use in
> some of its tanks and the main reason for it choice was its
> performance in recovering from abnormal shutdowns. Apparently when a
> tank fired a shell it would cause the onboard computer to reboot.
> True no database is going to be 100% safe from Database corruption but
> the inherent nature of FB / IB means that recovery is better than for
> most other DBMS.
> Additionally you can also use the gbak and gfix utilities in batch
> files so if needed you could create a batch file to run on start up to
> verify the database etc.

Make sure to use "forced writes" though.

And if you can disable the OS write cache, do so.

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