Subject Embeded version & ISAPI
Author Eyyub Volkan Çektimur

can i use Embeded version of firebird 1.5 with ISAPI ? i tried but couldn't achieve. for example isapi application name is a.dll is in

i put all the "firebird.msg","firebird.conf","fbclient.dll" into that direcory and renamed "fbclient.dll" file to "gds32.dll". but it still connects to running fb server 1.03. i tried these files with normal windows application, it worked well and connected db via embeded fb 1.5.

i'm using windows 2000 with service packs and borland c++ builder 6.0

thanks for help.
Eyyub Volkan Çektimur
Proya Software & Trade Inc.
Head of Core Development Department

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