Subject Re: Re: Upgrading a database
Author Anand
Thanks both Alexandre and Carl :) Fortunately we don't have any
and the views don't use any SPs, so that's a few dependencies
less :) Since
the previous design was not properly normalized, we had to
revamp it almost
completely, so dependency-wise it's not too complicated right
now. However
since this design will remain stable now, with only a few
additions as per
feature requirements, we shall soon look towards adding triggers
introducing more constraints in the near future. Your advice
will surely be
useful at that time.

Yes, I have documented the table design, but not the SPs and
Views. It's
easy but time-consuming, and as always, we are short of time :(
I am using
a freeware tool IBExpert (Personal Edition) and it does show the
dependencies of an object as also the metadata, so that's not a
problem for

What I would like to know more if I were to create a separate
containing the new structure, say DBNew, and I wanted to use a
few SPs to
copy data from the old database, say DBOld, into the DBNew,
would it be
possible and how? Then I could create the new structure in a
separate GDB
file, copy all the old data, and then simply delete the old GDB
file and
rename the new one. I just am not sure if I can do this easily
from within
SPs written in DBNew, or would I need to use my application to
perform the
data transfer.


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