Subject Unable to complete network request to host "C"
Author Muthu Annamalai
I tried using firebird dot net provider 1.6 Beta with embedded
server in vb dot net.

I am getting error "Unable to complete network request to
host "C"."

The database which i am trying to reach is created by ib expert with
fb 1.5 server.

I am able to connect to the db with regular fb server from vb dot
net using the same provider.

Can some one help what mistake i am doing.

I am using the following connection string.

Dim connectionString As String = _
"User=SYSDBA;" + _
"Password=masterkey;" + _
"Database=C:\Documents and Settings\path to db ;" + _
"Dialect=3;" + _
"Charset=NONE;" + _
"Role=;" + _
"Connection lifetime=15;" + _
"Pooling=true;" + _
"Packet Size=4096;"

Did anyone tried this provider with embedded server in dot net


Muthu Annamalai