Subject RE: [firebird-support] Compress Database
Author Brenden Walker
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> > It works.
> > Now the FDB is with 380KB.

> production servers, don't know if there is a magic number of
> days/months
> when a backup/restore will be a good thing to do...

I think a lot depends on how it's used. As you mentioned, inserts and
deletes can leave a lot of unused pages, etc.. Our current stragety
actually has us doing backup and restore on a weekly basis, but our current
implementation of replication creates thousands of transitory records which
get moved to another table (perhaps thus cause more growth) and then
eventually deleted. We've seen cases where 10's of thousands of such
records were deleted and added in just one day.

Currently we are still mostly on IB5.6, with that when we had database
corruptions they were always these tables that were showing corruption. So
we started weekly backup and restore, and that took care of the issue.

Just thought I'd pass along our experience (at least with IB5.6, I'm sure FB
is waay better in this respect, but we'll keep doing the backup and restore