Subject RE: [firebird-support] Cursors and Transactions
Author Alan McDonald
> I am using the kinterbasdb bindings for Python2.3 and attempting to
> write unit tests for a set of database API's. Ideally, they should
> create tables etc on setUp() and drop them at tearDown().
> However, I have a couple of niggling issues.
> 1) When a database exception occurs, the offending cursor is closed
> (and unable to execute further queries) even after rollback. Is this
> related to the firebird backend or is it an issue with the
> kinterbasdb implementation?
> 2) If I attempt to use a second cursor to drop a table after it has
> been accessed previously by another cursor I get an exception
> informing me that the object is in use. This happens even if I
> 'close' the first cursor.

kinterbase may be closing but not commiting the transaction - that's the
only way I know to have something in use. I'd say the previous problem is
the same. Maybe check that they are hard committing everything - especially
meta data changes.