Subject Re: Which character set for the UK?
Author tickerboo2002
> ISO-8859-1 does contain the Pound Sterling sign (but not, B.T.W. the
> Euro sign)
> --- In, "tickerboo2002" wrote:
> > My database has all it's varchar fields using the ISO8859_1 character
> > set. I've now found out that this cannot handle the UK sterling '£'
> > sign - it gives:
> >
> > ISC ERROR CODE:335544321
> >
> > arithmetic exception, numeric overflow, or string truncation
> > Cannot transliterate character between character sets
> >
> So something else in your setup must be wrong and we'll need
> more info about what you are doing.

Thanks Peter...

To eliminate my app, I've used using Database Workbench and I can look
at the database properties which gives:

Character Set: ISO8859_1
ODS Version: 10.1
Version: WI-V6.3.0.4290 Firebird 1.5

Creating a simple table with an integer ID and a varchar field (len16,
Charset ISO8859_1, Collation ISO8859_1 ), I then execute:

insert into TestTable( TT_ID, TT_NOTES) values(100, '£')

and I then get the above error. I am running this on Win2ksp4 and the
server is running (FB v1.5 Final SS) remotely on another Win2ksp4 machine.

> If for example, you are using Win32 (W2K or XP) and just testing
> with ISQL, all the following steps are needed:

> 1. Switch the console's codepage to ISO-8859-1 by
> chcp 28591 (chcp 1252 is nearly as good and can save you from
> searching your Win CD if 28591 is not installed)
> 2. Set the console's font to Lucida Console
> 3. Start ISQL and switch the connection character set to
> ISO-8859-1 by (by "set names ISO8859_1").
> 4. Now you are able to get non ASCII chars in and out your
> ISO-8859-1 database
> Regards,
> Peter Jacobi