Subject Re: [firebird-support] Did I reached the boundaries of Firebird?
Author Robert
> > > The total width of result returned by SELECT can't exceed 64k.
> > > Can this be a problem ?
> >
> > Good question and this includes probably RDB$DB_KEYs which are
> concatenated
> > DB_KEYs (for each table used) for views.

The width of my normal query fields is very small, just some short varchars
and doubles (seldom more than 100 bytes in total).

I read a "single" rdb$db_key is 8 bytes. Like you mentioned, for views this
will be multiplied for each table used in the view or nested view. But this
means with the 64k limit that still 8192 tables may be used directly or
indirectly in the view.
Although my views are complex (lot of subqueries in the select clause,
calculations, left joins and also 3-4 levels nesting) it will not total more
than 100 tables for one query.

I spent some hours trying to reproduce the errors in the employee.fdb (that
will me more helpful for the core developpers, i think), but no success till
now. Well i have the whole weekend left:).

> If this is the case, can we _please_ raise another error then!