Subject Re: [firebird-support] Did I reached the boundaries of Firebird?
Author Lele Gaifax
>>>>> "Arno" == Arno Brinkman <firebird@...> writes:

Arno> Hi,
>> The total width of result returned by SELECT can't exceed 64k.
>> Can this be a problem ?

Arno> Good question and this includes probably RDB$DB_KEYs which
Arno> are concatenated DB_KEYs (for each table used) for views.

I received the "cannot sort on field that does not exist" error
message a few times, selecting from views that relay on stored procs,
and I think that my case cannot be explained by that limit. When it
happened, the very next executing of the query gave the right results,
as it always did.

The tables involved do contains lots of little records, but the views
only see a minimum range at a time. There are no varchar fields, just
integer IDs and datetime timestamps.

Are there other situations for that error to occur?

bye, lele
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