Subject Re: [firebird-support] Did I reached the boundaries of
Author Robert
Hi Helen,
> At 12:09 PM 26/03/2004 +0100, you wrote:
> >Hi,
> >I receive a -901 "cannot sort on a field that does not exist" or a -151
> >"attemted update of read-only column" when i execute a SELECT statement
> >uses views with a lot subqueries.
> >
> >The messages doesnot make sense (for me). For the -901 occurs for
> >without ORDER clause (so nothing to sort) and the -151 error occurs for
> >a SELECT-satement (so nothing to update).
> You have *some* sort of error, but it looks as though you are using the
> wrong message file. Client and server should have firebird.msg with the
> same build number as the engine - the client should have the same build
> number too.

The errors also occurs on a standalone PC (server and client on the same
machine), where there is only one firebird.msg in the firebird directory.
The creation date of the message file is the same as the other files coming
with WI-V1.5.0.4290 Firebird 1.5.

Both messages exist in de message file so i'm now sure it is from firebird
and not from ibx or something.

I use a lot of nested views with subqueries in the select clause and also a
lot of left joins. I think i reached a limit where the engine get confused
and throws these nonsense error messages.

I will examine the rdb$db_key now as suggested by Arno.

> /hb