Subject RE: [firebird-support] Terminating Firebird on Win98
Author Ray Jenkins
Thanks for the reply.

We had looked into this, but had shied away from it because its the "unknown".

How hard would it be to switch to using the embedded server?

Also, are there any issues that we would need to work around?


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Subject: Re: [firebird-support] Terminating Firebird on Win98

Hi Ray,

Have you thought about the embedded server? Our application has the
ability to talk to a network db or run standalone, and we've just made the
move to running the embedded server on all workstations.

This way we don't have to worry about installing the full server or client
on the workstations at all - the embedded server dll acts as client and
server when talking to a local file, and as the client when talking to a
remote server.

Upgrading the server on a local machine would then just mean replacing the
embedded server dll (or patching it), and ensuring that your application
wasn't running while the installer is going.


Peter Lee

At 25/03/2004, you wrote:
>We are embedding Firebird in our application. We were using IB6.5.
>One of the things we do is install a local server in case of networking
>problems. Our application switches over to local host and keeps running
>and then uploads results to the network server when connection is restored.
>Our install shutsdown the Server while we are running. This is in part so
>that we can upgrade to newer versions of the database server.
>We have this working for 2000/XP but have run into a bit of a problem with
>Is there a way to shutdown Firebird from an application? We know of
>several windows ways to post a WM_CLOSE message to the server and the
>guardian. We just were wondering if there was a preferred way to do this?
>If this is the prefered way is the classname and windows name on the tip
>of on of your tongue's? :)
>Thanks in Advance
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